Privacy Policy

Disclaimer, privacy and return policies

Urku Expressions takes care of the protection of your privacy when dealing with personal data. The Company treats your personal data in accordance with the following provisions and principles:

  1. The privacy of personal data is an important issue for Urku expressions. Your information is treated under strict parameters of confidentiality according to data protection.
  2. Your data is used only for the purpose of commercialization process. We as a company oblige our staff to maintain the corresponding confidentiality, to comply with the legislation on data protection, both personal, commercial and banking, among others.
  3. Under our parameters, personal data is considered all information about a natural person, considering as a natural person whose identity will be determined directly or indirectly through an identifier such as name, address, phone number, etc.
  4. Urku Expressions uses the registered data only for internal analytical purposes of the company, guaranteeing the correct functioning and security of its computer systems and optimizing the website.
  5. When a person contacts us through the online form, we proceed to register the contact data, which are transmitted to us to process the query and execute the follow-up of each case. The customer has the right to revoke his or her consent at any time. The revocation of his consent does not affect the legality of the data processing carried out up to the time of such revocation, given his prior consent.
  6. On the Urku Expressions website you have the option of subscribing to our newsletter. In the case of a subscription, the data you provide (name, surname, e-mail); we will send a confirmation e-mail to verify your consent. All the data provided by the client in the context of the newsletter subscription may be processed internally by Urku Expressions.
  7. Cookies are small text files that are stored in your device, where it is possible to capture specific data, maintaining the security and protection of the user’s data.

Once you have visited our web site, you provide consent for the collection, storage, and disclosure, under the respective privacy statutes.

*This privacy statement* is effective from the date of creation of the web page. If you do not accept the privacy statement, you are not authorized to use or access our services or future transactions with Urku Expressions.

The privacy statement responds to the following aspects:

What information is collected when the customer uses the service?

How is the information used?

What security measures are implemented in order to safeguard the information?



When you  purchase from Urku expressions, you accept our *cancellation policies* mentioned below:

The client that makes the purchase has a maximum of 48 hours to report the disagreement, after this time, Urku Expressions concludes the policy of guarantee in the product, due to the fact that we work with perishable products.

To make a complaint about a non-conformity with the product, it should be sent to the address and one of our advisors will contact you within 12 working hours to follow up on the complaint.

Urku expressions is not responsible for damages or missing deliveries when they are delivered to the reception, surveillance or alternative person mentioned with the buyer.

In case the recipient does not want to receive the settlement, the buyer will be notified. In this case no refund will be given.

In case of a cancellation of the order, a ticket will be issued to execute future purchases, for the same value of the purchase made at that time.